About Me

Okay, all about me, here goes...

Hi, I’m Kam Jennings and I run Ohio Music Resource as a tool for local Ohio musicians to help make it a littler easier to find places to play and record as well as find convenient places to buy gear. Another goal was to provide some articles with helpful tips and tricks that I had picked up over the years.

I started Ohio Music Resource in February of 2011 after playing all over Ohio for the last eleven years in various bands including my last band, Chyna White (Dayton, Ohio) and my solo project, Suicide Seven(Springfield, Ohio). I learned a lot of things, met a lot of people, and gained a really good knowledge of what is out there in Ohio over those eleven years. After all that time I realized how hard it can be to put together a decent network of playable venues, recording studios, and bands to play with. I designed this website to be the black book that combats that problem in Ohio. I love local music and have always tried to be part of the local music scene wherever I lived so I want to do what I can to support it here and now.

Currently, I reside in good old Springfield, Ohio or what many locals refer to as “The Field.” I was born here so although it’s not the prettiest city in the world I have a soft spot for it. There are a lot of great bands in Ohio and a lot of talented musicians with heart. So I hope you enjoy Ohio Music Resource and get some use out of it and if your in my neck of the woods shoot me an email and maybe we’ll jam one out.

Contact me anytime with questions or comments, I love receiving input from other musicians and fans of music in general!

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