Athens Bands, Where Do You Hang Flyers in Town?

Athens Bands, I know I don't have to tell you guys it's important to hang flyers for your show. Put the gig posters up at the venue your going to be playing a week or two in advance. Then you have the handbills. You can make them four to a page, three to a page, or even two to a page. However you make them, your goal is to get them out in circulation so the rest of the Athens music scene will see them and either A go to your show or B start to recognize your name from the handbills and become curious about your band. Name awareness is another plus of the flyers. They work for you long after your show is over. Especially if they look cool. But for now let me give you a some places in the area where you can post some of your bands flyers and handbills...

Before you even hit the streets in Athens Ohio you should advertise the event online with their local newspaper, The Athens NEWS. It's free and it doesn't take long. Anything helps when your trying to build a following and pack a venue...

The Athens NEWS classifieds section

After you hit that, maybe another event post in Craigs List and hit up all your favorite socal networks online, now your ready to hit the streets...

Athens Bands Post Flyers Here

Ohio University
1 Park Place
Athens, OH
(740) 593-1000

Ohio University: Baker University Center
20 East Union Street
Athens, OH
(740) 593-4000

Ohio University: The Post
1 Park Pl # 325
Athens, Ohio
(740) 593-4010

The Nelsonville Public Library
95 W. Washington
Nelsonville, OH 45764
Phone: (740) 753-2118

The Athens Public Library Branch
30 Home Street
Athens, OH 45701
(740) 592-4272

The Plains Public Library Branch
14 S. Plains Road
The Plains, OH 45780
Phone: (740) 797-4579

The Glouster Public Library Branch
20 Toledo Street
Glouster, OH 45732
Phone: (740) 767-3670

The Chauncey Public Library Branch
29 Converse Street
Chauncey, OH 45719
(740) 797-2512

The Coolville Public Library Branch
26401 Main Street
Coolville, OH 45723
Phone: (740) 667-3354

The Wells Public Library Branch (Albany)
5200 W. Washington Road
Albany, OH 45710
Phone: (740) 698-3059

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