Where Do Athens Musicians buy Guitars???

There are three main guitar shops for Athens Musicians to buy their gear locally. Blue Eagle Music, Insea Sound Shop Music & Recording, and Studio E Music Inc. Thats really not a big selection. Blue Eagle Music and Studio E have both been around since the 70's so they are a staple in the music scene. Insea Sound was opened in the 90's. All three offer repairs as well as music lessons. So if your in the area and you need a guitar shop, heres what your looking at...

Local Guitar Shop Directory - Athens Ohio

Blue Eagle Music
40 North Court Street
Athens, OH 45701-2482
(740) 592-5332

Insea Sound Shop Music & Recording
38786 US Highway 33
Nelsonville, OH 45764-9657
(740) 753-4784

Studio E Music Inc
1002 E State St # 5
Athens, OH 45701-2149
(740) 593-3998

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