Guide to Athens Ohio Music Scene

Athens Ohio is a historic college town in the southeast part of the state and is home to Ohio University. Since the 1970s the town has earned a reputation as one of the more progressive communities in Southeastern Ohio. That Athens culture includes Demomocratic political leaning, support for use of alternative energy, development of small farms emphasizing sustainable and organic produced crops, and support for local businesses. Many of these attributes are illustrated at the long established (since 1972) farmer's market currently held year round on Saturdays and Wednesdays at The Market on State on the city's east side.

Athens has a population of around 21,000 people. This really gives it more of a small town kind of feel and less of a big city vibe. The population here is 53.1% female and 46.9% male and has an average resident age of 21.5 years old. On a national Crime index where America as a country sets the national average at 100, Athens ranks a 45. This means that the town is fairly safe relatively speaking. To compare, Ohio as a state, ranks a 99 which is about average with the nation.

Athens is a cool college town with a lot of young people and not a lot of crime. Athens music scene is a great place to play if your local in Ohio or a traveling musician making your way through.

Here is a directory of all the venues that bands and musicians can play at on the Athens music scene...

Directory of Athens Venues for Musicians

There are some pretty good places to record your music in the Athens area as well. Here is a directory of recording studios in or around Athens...

Directory of Athens Music Recording Studios

And here is a list of local guitar shops in the Athens area, because you never know when your going to need a spare Boss DD-3 pedal lol...

Athens Local Guitar Shops

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