Buying A Guitar
Is Like
Finding A Girlfriend...Own It! Walk With Confidence!

Why Buying a Guitar Is Like Finding A Girlfriend…

Buying a guitar is a lot like finding a girlfriend. You don’t want to just pick up the first one that comes your way. I mean you can and you might have a good time with her but in the end and ultimately your going to wake up one morning and go…what the heck was I thinking?! And then you’re going to try and dump that sucker.

Don’t feel bad…it’s just the law of the jungle. Anyways, the point is don’t rush in. Fools rush in. Sure play your friends Stratocaster once or twice. Heck even borrow it if he lets you. Go to a few guitar shops in your neighborhood and look around. It’s like a singles bar for guitars. They are all ready and willing and waiting, and you my friend are Don Juan Demarco ready to give a few lucky ladies a spin.

Translation, shop the market when your buying a guitar. Just because “insert your favorite lame cooperate guitar magazine here” says a Gibson Les Paul is the best guitar to own and play, doesn’t mean that’s the best guitar for you. Everybody is different. Everybody wants different things out of the relationship.

Okay you want to get something that you’re going to have for a long time right? RIGHT???!!!! Then be yourself. What kind of music do you want to play? What are you buying a guitar for? Don’t date a party girl if you want to sit at home 3 out of 4 Saturdays and watch Gilligan’s Island reruns. You need a different kind of animal for that man. That goes for amps too. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that girl. I repeat, there is nothing wrong with THAT girl. I like the librarian type who wants to sit at home and watching T.V. I mean she can surprise you. Naughty Librarian type does a lot of things besides watch T.V. I’m just saying she’s going to feel weird at the party so she’s better left at home when it’s time to get down like that.

Here’s the skinny, if you want to play a lot of shows with a band and you are looking for a dedicated sound then put in the work and find the guitar that can do that for you. Your dad’s acoustic guitar that he lets you borrow a lot isn’t going to work at The Angry Skull Saloon down the way that specializes in death metal bands. SO figure out what you want.

It’s a hard thing trying to find the right thing. It requires knowing yourself. You have to do a little soul searching. The right girl is out there for you. If you’re lucky, the right few girls are out there for you, but for now let’s just get the first one.

Girls and guitars are both dynamic. They can all do a lot of things fairly well. But individually, they can all do certain things amazing. Some girls are really good at oral sex, I mean they can cook a passable supper but it’s not where their talent lies. Some girls suck at cleaning house, but they are very fun to watch in the shower. It’s the same thing with guitars. A Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Modern Classic 12-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a great acoustic guitar if you like to chord and you want to fill that space that comes when you’re playing a solo performance. Don’t get me wrong this guitar is legendary. She will do a lot of things for you, but her talent is filling space and giving you a nice warm compliment to your voice. Now that particular girl is high priced. She does not come cheap. Actually anything that says Gibson…well heck you might as well be looking for a girlfriend in Beverly Hills. They are mostly amazing girls with equally amazing personalities, all different but all equally expensive.

Too rich for my blood personally, but hey…walk with confidence, you never know when your going to land a supermodel rock goddess bitch sent down to this earth to make your music the best.

A good guitar does what you want it too. It is the tool that shapes your intention. It doesn’t have to do everything perfect, just one thing perfect and everything else adequate. That’s the beauty in it. I’m talking about an instrument with a single simple purpose that is totally exceeding all expectations in that regard. How can you not love that? I’m talking about your rocket queen; she doesn’t need to cook for you. She can burn all the pancakes she wants to, it doesn’t matter because she makes your pinch harmonics sound like they came straight from hell to reclaim the souls of everyone within a 100 foot radius. Do you read me sweet-heart? Pinch Harmonics. Intention. Own it.

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