Musicians Guide to Dayton Advertising

So lets talk Dayton Advertising. There are some great places to play in this city. Now your band can get a show at any one of these venues and if you don't promote the show, you could very easily be playing to an empty house. So you need some flyers to get the word out.

Now where do you hang them? Places to advertise in Dayton, think colleges, laundrymats and libraries. All have people who hang out there for extended periods of time and all have cork boards to post flyers. Here are some of those places...

Local Colleges and Universities

University of Dayton
300 College Pk
Dayton, Ohio 45469
(937) 229-1000

Sinclair Community College
444 W. Third St.
Dayton, Ohio 45402-1460
(800) 315-3000

Wright State University-Main Campus
3640 Colonel Glenn Highway
Dayton, Ohio 45435-0001
(937) 775-3333

Kettering College-Medical Arts
3737 Southern Boulevard
Dayton, OH
(937) 395-8601

The Dayton Art Institute
456 Belmonte Park North
Dayton, OH
(937) 223-5277

Miami-Jacobs Career College
110 North Patterson Boulevard
Dayton, OH
(937) 222-7337

Local Laundromats

Spin City Laundry
219 Wyoming Street
Dayton, OH
(937) 461-7746

Knollwood Coin Laundry
1616 Brook Lynn Drive
Beavercreek, OH
(937) 427-1257

Patterson Park Laundromat
501 Patterson Road
Dayton, OH
(937) 293-4367

Eastwood Auto Wash & Laundry
3215 Valley St
Dayton, OH
(937) 237-9583

C & N's Laundromat
4694 Bufort Boulevard
Dayton, OH
(937) 236-0306

Local Libraries

Dayton Metro Library - Main Branch
215 E. Third St.
Dayton, OH 45402
(937) 463-2665

Dayton Metro Library - Belmont Branch
1041 Watervliet Ave.
Dayton, OH 45420
(937) 496-8920

Dayton Metro Library - Burkhardt Branch
4680 Burkhardt Ave.
Dayton, OH 45431

Dayton Metro Library - Dayton View Branch
1515 Salem Ave.
Dayton, OH 45406

Dayton Metro Library - East Branch
2008 Wyoming St.
Dayton, OH 45410

Dayton Metro Library - EC Doren Branch
701 Troy St.
Dayton, OH 45404

Dayton Metro Library - Ft McKinley Branch
3735 Salem Ave.
Dayton, Oh 45406

Dayton Metro Library - Kettering Moraine Branch
3496 Far Hills Ave.
Dayton, Oh 45429

Dayton Metro Library - Madden Hills Branch
2542 Germantown St.
Dayton, Ohio 45408

Dayton Metro Library - Northtown Branch
35 Bennington Dr.
Dayton, OH 45405

Dayton Metro Library - Westwood Branch
3207 Hoover Ave.
Dayton, Oh 45407

Dayton Metro Library - Wilmington-Stroop Branch
3980 Wilmington Pike
Dayton, OH 45429

Online Versions of Local Papers

Dayton also has an online version of their newspaper. You can place free classified ads. So thats a great place to advertise for your show and it's free.

Dayton Daily News

Also don't forget to put up a free ad on Craigslist under the EVENT heading. Then due your normal social networking site stuff (i.e. facebook, myspace, whatever)

Good Luck Everybody, hope this helps!

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