Dayton Music Recording Studios...where they at? I'll tell ya!

I've put together a list of some Dayton music recording Studios I am aware of. This is not all of them. Recording Studios have never been as easy to find as Bars or Music stores. Especially if you are looking for that rare animal known as "great quality great price." Some of the best recordings I've ever made were recorded by a genius who worked out of his garage. But lets get this list started and we'll build upon it together.

Refraze Recording Studios
2727 Gaylord Avenue
Dayton, OH
(937) 298-2727

Encore Studios, INC
1625 Springhill Ave.
Dayton, OH
(937) 297-1000

ICB Recording Studio
6 South Smithville Road
Dayton, OH 45431
(937) 258-8714

KB & T's Music
3022 North Main Street
Dayton, OH 45405
(937) 277-3069

Cyberteknics Creative Studios
1953 E 3rd St
Dayton, OH 45403

Drive-By Recording
952 Croyden Drive
Dayton, OH
(937) 626-3046

dalSegno Productions
217 Rockhill Avenue
Dayton, OH
(937) 299-7129

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