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Why a free ezine? Well, since I began Ohio-Music-Resource.com I have been periodically asked questions about specific venues or music stores that did not really fit into the format of my site. For example, “What type of music does this bar feature?” or “Do you know the rates on Studio A in Town B?” On top of little questions like that I also wanted a place to talk about local bands and help promote them. I wanted to do a few interviews and give some people a little recognition for contributing some great music to the Ohio music scene.

Ohio Music Resource Monthly is a free ezine that is subscription based and put out monthly. It includes a little more specific information on venues, music stores, and recording studios than what my website currently provides. Also Ohio Music Resource Monthly will feature at least one band every issue.

When you sign up for a free subscription to Ohio Music Resource Monthly what you will get is an in-depth look into a featured city every month. For example, let’s say the focus is on Springfield, Ohio this month. I might pick out The Panama Club (a bar in Springfield Ohio). I will talk about the kind of bands they like to book, how bands are paid, bar size, ect. Just a basic look at the venue that tells you a little more than just address and phone number. I will then do the same thing for a specific music store. For Springfield, we could look at Guitar Attention Center. We could talk about how it’s easy to miss because it’s based out of a house, what type of equipment they feature, how big the store is, and maybe hours of operation. Then we move onto a specific recording studio in or around Springfield and talk about rates, studio size, specialization, just basic useful information. And lastly, what I am most excited about is we will feature at least one band from the city. When I say feature I mean I would like post a band bio, do a little interview with the band and promote their music and website. For example I am from Springfield, Ohio. My solo project is called Suicide Seven, you can find my music right here in the About Me section…I think you got the idea though and I don’t want to interview myself for an example (heh heh).

So that’s about it in a nutshell. This is just another way to bring you some great information on Ohio music resources. So sign up below for Ohio Music Resource Monthly and lets go IN-DEPTH!

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