Suicide Seven Offers Free Music Download of Catalog!

A local Ohio musician who plays under the moniker Suicide Seven began offering a free music download of his entire catalog spanning from 1998 to 2010.

Suicide Seven came into being in 1998 when Kam Jennings who was living in Pensacola Florida at the time decided to start his own solo music project. The first Suicide Seven release was entitled "Leave," was recorded on DAT and was handed out on bootleg tapes to friends at local shows. So without further chatter please enjoy this free music download of Suicid Seven's first release!

In early 2000, Suicide Seven released another album entitled "Sharing The Quick Death Experience." This was recieved well by the local music community and gained the project some degree of name awareness. It was sold on burned CD's at local shows and also on the internet in mp3 form. Later that year though Kam Jennnings would move the project to Rhode Island, killing the local buzz in Pensacola.

By 2002 Kam Jennings had moved yet again, this time back to Ohio where he was born. "The Midnight Wasteland" was recorded at a small house on County Line Rd. in the country outside of Urbana Ohio. It was recorded with a Shure SM58 plugged directly into the sound board of a PC. The quality is pretty lo-fi. This marks the first time Kam Jennings experimented with lo-fi production, home recording, and drum loops as a viable way to make Suicide Seven recordings.

The idea behind this record was to make something that sounded like a guy recording some music in his basement. It was meant to be experimental and demo- like. It is the third Suicide Seven release.

The Clean LP was recorded at Saba Recording Studios In Medway, OH. on the 21st of August 2003. It was recorded in the evening over a period of about 5 hours. Old house, dark basement, a great condensor mic, Kam and his acoustic guitar.

This record came together pretty randomly actually. The idea was to try out a new studio and kind of get a feel for the engineer. A sort of "practice run" if you will. Kameko was looking for a place to record a demo for a band he was in at the time called "Cleetis and the DGG". He later ended up leaving that band to explore other options.

Please enjoy this free music download of "Clean."

144 was a concept album and at it's release Kam wrote this note to fans which sums the record up very well:

"144 was recorded between the months of October 2005 and May 2006 in a little house and a forlorn basement on County Line rd. A lot of things fell apart while recording it.

Please enjoy this music. It is something special.


The Ups and Downs of Sunset is the 6th album released by Suicide Seven and was recorded in 2010 during the months of July through September. The one of the ideas behind this album was to incorporate the double bass drum into lighter acoustic based music to get a major contrast in texture. This album is notable for being the first Suicide Seven album recorded after the birth of Kam Jenning's son, Atticus Grey Jennings.

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