Columbus Guitar Store Directory

This is the Guitar Store Directory for Columbus Ohio. I wanted to put a list together of all the guitar shops in the C-Bus area for you guys. Columbus has alot of them as expected. So go help the economy and spend your hard earned cash! Just kidding.

But seriously you never know when your going to be rolling into town and need to kill an hour or two. Or have you ever been doing a sound check in an unfamiliar city and figured out one of your essential pedals just crapped out? Well thats why I put these lists together for you guys. So you can be Johnny-On-The-Spot with the answers in a crisis. Heh heh.

Some of these places are quite big and some of them are very small. It's really just a matter of taste and whatever kind of mood your in that day. So without further ado here is your C-Bus Guitar Store Directory! Check it out....

Music Store Directory

Sam Ash Music
1690 Morse Road
Columbus, OH
(614) 436-3919

Guitar Center
4661 Morse Centre Drive
Columbus, OH
(614) 436-2600

Fifth Ave Fret Shop Guitar Repair
1597 West 5th Avenue
Columbus, OH
(614) 481-8300

Bluegrass Music Shop
1370 S High St
Columbus, OH 43207
(614) 443-3558

The Loft Violin Shop
4604 N High St.
Columbus, OH
(614) 267-7221

Davis J Thomas
3135 N High St.
Columbus, OH 43202
(614) 263-0264

Guitar House Workshop
1423 Chambers Rd.
Columbus, OH 43212
(614) 488-2477

Acme Music
4491 Glenmawr Avenue
Columbus, OH 43224
Phone:(614) 262-3498

Bobs Guitar Shack
19 E Duncan Street
Columbus, OH 43202
Phone:(614) 297-7639

Colonial Music
5999 E Main Street
Columbus, OH 43213
Phone:(614) 863-3200

Columbus Pro Percussion Inc.
5052 N High Street
Columbus, OH 43214
Phone:(614) 885-7372

David Schlub
4604 N High Street
Columbus, OH 43214
Phone:(614) 267-7221

Durthaler Organs & Piano Sales
1967 Lockbourne Road
Columbus, OH 43207
Phone:(614) 443-6867

German Village Music Haus
350 S Grant Avenue
Columbus, OH 43215
Phone:(614) 228-8467

Kip Music Inc, Music Go Round
833 Bethel Road
Columbus, OH 43214
Phone:(614) 457-9328

Legends Music & Memorabilia
2024 Sussex Rd
Columbus, OH 43220
(614) 459-3006

Mc Kenzie Records-Pa & Guitar
948 Studer Avenue
Columbus, OH 43206
Phone:(614) 252-7116

Mid Ohio Music (Lang Music)
2768 S Hamilton Road
Columbus, OH 43232
Phone:(614) 863-5264

Musician's Exchange
3779 Farmbrook Lane
Columbus, OH 43204
Phone:(614) 527-0022

String Shoppe Music Stores
1710 N High Street
Columbus, OH 43201
Phone:(614) 294-5296

Swampdogs Music & More
3246 N High Street
Columbus, OH 43202
Phone:(614) 268-0618

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