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Looking for the right recording studio Toledo area? I got your back. Here is a directory of places to record in Toledo Ohio. Some of these places are cheaper and some are more expensive, all with varying degrees of quality. You should always request to come check the place out before you book time anywhere to record. With that being said, hope this list helps you guys, and as with any list you find on my site if you know of a place that you think I missed or you want me to add PLEASE use my contact link and let me know. This site is being built to help all the Ohio area musicians...

Recording Studios in Toledo Ohio

Studio 33 Recording
4423 Stannard Dr.
Toledo OH 43613

New Realm Recording
316 N Michigan St # 910,
Toledo, OH
(419) 242-5110

Audiomatrix Recording Studios
151 North Michigan St # 333,
Toledo, OH
(419) 243-3000

Wright Time Studios
12 E Bancroft St # 108,
Toledo, OH
(419) 242-0618

Shabach Productions Inc
131 17th Street,
Toledo, OH
(419) 243-2682

Action City Records
P.O. Box 302
Napoleon, Ohio 43545

6549 Angola Rd
Holland, OH 43528

FireFly Studios
Dorr St & Reynolds Rd
Toledo, OH 43615

Ape Studios
1717 Adams Street,
Toledo, OH 43604
(419) 720-2945

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