Guide To Recording Studios in Akron Ohio

I wanted to put a list together of recording studios in Akron Ohio. This list is obviously geared at the local or regional musician or band who is looking for a good place to record some songs. Remember as a band or musicians it is your job to check into these places beforehand and not just book time. Insist that you can come in for a look around prior to committing to record there. Make the engineer show you the equipment he will be using and get a feel for the overall environment. Remember your trying to record a masterpiece here, environment is important. Also get a feel for the person you will be working with. If the studio engineer seems weird or abrasive or stand-offish or anything that you don’t think would be conducive to the recording and creative process then keep looking.

One thing to remember when your getting ready to record and I think it’s one of the most important things that really gets overlooked by a lot of people is “What kind of sound are we going for?” Because depending on where you record and who your engineer is you get different sounds. A lot of your run of the mill local studios try to produce the cleanest clearest sound possible. This often comes out sterile sounding and in my personal opinion lacks vision. As a band you want to sit down and maybe listen to a few records and try to nail down what type of sound quality you are going for. Are you a punk band and want to capture that “recorded from our garage severe lo-fi” sound? If so then maybe you should just record it in your garage. It’s the quickest and most genuine way to accomplish your goal. Are you looking for that warm analog sound that comes from tapes? If so, you want to find a studio that does that sound. I don’t just mean a studio that can do that sound. I mean a studio that knows what they are doing and “does that sound.”

Essentially, take the amount of time and thought you put into writing your songs, and put that into deciding on the sound you want your album to have. In my personal opinion it is extremely important. Below is a list of recording studios in Akron Ohio. It is meant to be comprehensive, so if you can think of any places that I have not added, please use the submission form below to let me know. After all were just local musicians helping each other


Recording Studios in Akron Ohio

935 Schneider Street SE
North Canton, OH
(330) 494-8760

Click Recording Studio
720 Grant Street
Akron, OH
(330) 622-2716

Primetime Recording Studio
634 Canton Road
Akron, OH 44312
(330) 733-4844

Colors Audio
Suite 301
2215 E. Waterloo Road
Akron, OH 44312
Ph: 330-784-6822

Singleton Studios
1684 Wadsworth Road
Akron, OH 44320-3140
Ph: 330-753-4453

Silver Ridge Recording
357 Silver Ridge Dr.
Copley, OH
PH: 330-285-3959

Studio 1 Records
215 E. Waterloo Rd.
Akron, OH 44319
PH: 234-738-5300

New Renaissance Productions TM
201 Heritage Drive
Beloit, OH
Ph: 330-537-3180

The Fuzz Recording Studio

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