Small Town Advertising, A Guide to promoting shows in Urbana

Okay Small Town Advertising 101. First and foremost: Get your flyers passed out between a week and two weeks in advance. Not too early but not too close to the show either. In addition to posting your flyers at the venue your playing also hit up the local college, laundrymat and library:

Urbana University
579 College Way
Urbana, OH 43078
Phone Number: 937-484-1301

Champaign County Library
1060 Scioto Street
Urbana, OH 43078
Phone Number: 937-653-3811

Shaloo's Dry Cleaning & Laundry
960 North Main Street
Urbana, OH 43078
(937) 653-5667

Highlander Center Laundry
760 Scioto Street
Urbana, OH 43078
(937) 653-9302

South Side Wash-N-Dri
915 South Main Street
Urbana, OH 43078

Another tactic I've had success with is buying a pack of say 50 blank cdr's (Use cd sleeves for packaging) and burning around 3 of your band's songs on all of them. Write Contact Info on CD-R with a Sharpie Marker and put a flyer in with each CD. Leave them at the Venue your going to be playing as a freebie for locals along with the flyers around 2 weeks in advance of your show. Those CDR's will work magic for you. When you come back to play in two weeks you will have some new fans before you even play a chord. 10 bucks well spent.

My third tip is to promote your show on Sounds funny I know but it helps. Alot of the bigger cities have free online versions of their newspapers that include the ability to post free online classified ads. The smaller towns, not so much. So with a place like Urbana I find it better to just post an ad on Craigs List under "EVENT". It's free and it doesn't take long. Anything to help.

Lastly of course do your networking online with Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or whatever social network is the flavor of the month. Search for Urbana Ohio bands and locals who follow those bands and try to make a connection. I'd start the online stuff a month in advance.

The main thing with small town advertising is fail to plan and you plan to fail. I guess thats true with alot of things. Good luck everybody!

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