Urbana Guitar Shops, Small Town Store Big Time Selections

The epitome of a small town store, I only know of one guitar shop in Urbana Ohio at this time. Though tiny in size, Hometown Music does carry a diverse range of musicical gear and brands of product. Check them out if your in Urbana.

Hometown Music
231 N Main St
Urbana, OH 43078
Phone Number: 937-484-7040
Email: hometownmusic09@yahoo.com
This store is an authorized dealer of the following brands:
Alvarez, Ventura, Hosa, Behringer, Cort, Jay Turser,
Digitech, Casio, Applecreek Dulcimers, Hohner,
and Blueridge Custom made bowed Psalteries.
They also offer repairs.

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