Springfield Advertising For A Show Guide!

Lets talk Springfield advertising for a minute! Promoting your show is important. I cannot stress enough the magic of hanging or passing out flyers. They serve a dual purpose. First and foremost they advertise your show. They give the who what when and where of the event. That’s important. But another thing they do is live on long after your show is over and spread name awareness for your band. So definitely hang them if you can for every show. Preferably 1 to 2 weeks in advance of your gig.

Part One: Places To Hang Flyers for a Show in Springfield Ohio

Wittenberg University
734 Woodlawn Ave
Springfield, Ohio 45504
Phone Number: 937 327-6231

Clark State Community College
570 East Leffel Lane
Springfield, OH 45505
Phone Number: 937-325-0691

Upper Valley Mall
1475 Upper Valley Pike
Springfield, OH 45504
Phone Number: 937-328-5000

Part Two: Online Networking

Most cities have an online version of their newspaper that lets you post free classified ads. Springfield is no different. I sugggest posting an online classified ad advertising your show 1 to 2 weeks prior to the event. Here is a link to Springfield's local paper classifieds section.

Springfield News Sun Classifieds

Springfield also has a free paper called amazingly enough "The Springfield Paper". Alot of people read it because it's free and available at alot of places around the city. This paper also has an online version of itself: The Springfield Paper Online

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