5 Great Tips On Improving Stage Presence!

1) Big Brother - The biggest tip I can give you on improving your stage presence is video tape your shows and/or practices, then study them. As your watching them think about how it looks as a performance. Is it interesting to watch? What is everybody doing? Are you guys just standing there playing? Does your singer look bored or uncomfortable? Work on things that you see that don’t jive. Practice like your playing a show. That way your working on your music and your performance.

2) Consider what you wear - I’m not saying this is a must but think about it. The band that walked into the bar to play a show wearing what they just wore to work is one thing, BUT the 4 guys that just walked in all dressed in black leather jackets and snake-skin boots, parking their black skull-ridden van out front…well that’s another. They have got every bodies attention and they haven’t even taken the stage or played a single note yet. So consider the fact that how you dress will make an impression on people. It’s the difference between having to earn their attention with your music and already having their attention when you start playing.

3) Exaggerate your gestures. You tend to think everyone notices it when your really feeling the music. They don’t. The video you record will prove it to you. You will see yourself just standing there playing your guitar not moving while you solo. You’ll think, “Damn, I felt like I was rocking out there.” You on a stage man, bring the drama. Feel it and take it to level 10 on the head banging, hand gestures, whatever you normally do while playing on stage, exaggerate it. It helps. Even if you feel stupid, get over it, you just graduated to more interesting to watch.

4) Do nothing without confidence. Do not ramble on with the crowd at length. Maintain your mystery. A word here or there is good. Maybe a quick funny comment if you’re funny. If you’re not don’t do it. When your on that stage you have to be the master. You are the Lion Tamer and the crowd are the wild beasts. If for an instant you seem unsure or nervous, you will lose them. You will go from interesting to boring. You must mystify them with your music, your image, your confidence…the whole thing. It might sound hard or over the top but with practice and thought it will become effortless and then you will have them all. It will be like taking candy from a baby. You will own the place when you walk in and when you’re doing it right you won’t have to ask for gigs anymore, people will be asking you.

5) If one of you fails, you all fail. Stage presence is an art. The package your selling is an art. Everyone in your band needs to be on the same page with it. If you guys decided your all going to wear white shirts and sunglasses tonight and not talk to anybody like total dicks, then do it. Don’t break ranks now. Pull it off and see how it went after. Talk about how things went at the next band practice. Stage presence and building your5 image in general is trial and error. Remember this is about making your band more interesting. You want to get people to come see you play. Not because they are your friends, but because they are interested in you. Put a little thought into it, you’ll get it.

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