Urbana Ohio, A Musicians Reference

Urbana is classified as a city but it is home to only around 11,500 people which makes it feel alot more like a town. A nice town. It's got a town square, a local movie theatre and annual small town festivals.

It has a low crime rate as well. In 2009 the U.S. average for crimes per year in all cities was 319.2. In this city the rate was 174.5. So it's relatively safe for bands late at night.

From a musicians standpoint this all means a few things. First limited resources as far as recording studios and guitar shops. I have only one guitar shop on record in this town and no recording studios as of this writing.

So where are the guitar shops?

Second it will be a little harder to pack the house when playing here because of the limited population. That being said there ARE some venues worth playing.

Playable Venues in Urbana Ohio

And lastly, advertise your show in advance. Try to hook up with a local band with an established name in the area. The goal is to bring people to your show. Here are some places in town to post your flyers...

Where do you hang flyers in this town?